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In the first instance, please email me with comprehensive details of your project along with a convenient telephone number. And let me know what part of the world you're from, if you will.


I can be reached at: mike@mr-edit-literary-services.co.uk.
In case of difficulty, you can try: MikeMrEdit@AOL.com.


Generally, I check email on an hourly basis, but if I'm busy with a client or a project, it may take a little longer to get back to you. Please be patient. But as long as your email gets through to me, I will be in touch.


To avoid nuisance calls, I prefer not to publish a telephone number and contact address. It's important to maintain some control over my peace and quiet in order to get the work done, and to avoid the reams of spam mail. But once we establish a working relationship, I'm happy to provide telephone and address details.


I prefer not to receive attachments until I've looked at the outline of your project. But if it's a smaller project that needs rapid attention, you might want to include a small Word attachment, or similar.


Above all else, take heart with your writing. It's a tough, ruthless industry that requires patience and persistence to succeed. Most people who want to write can write. Just keep working at it.

Mike O'Neill





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Meanwhile, here are some of my You Tube videos that might be of interest to you. Hope you enjoy them.

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