Writer's block


writer's block graphicLike dyslexia, this is something of a modern myth; the idea that one moment you're sitting there merrily thumping your keyboard or happily scribbling away on a sheet of paper, and then—KAPOW!—some mystical force explodes in your head and all that wonderful prose grinds to a halt right in the middle of a sentence.

I've heard people describe it that way. It's as if they were cruising down the fast lane of the literary highway, minding their own business, and unexpectedly ran smack into a fifty thousand word pile up.

Honestly, Officer, there was nowhere to swerve. It all just ... just ... just happened around me ...

But usually, this fabled writers block creeps up more stealthily over a period of weeks or months. The first you know of it is when you're X thousand words into that great British/American/Russian novel, chain smoking and knocking back the bourbon/vodka and vaguely contemplating suicide or something, and then you notice from the corner of your mind that the world has slowed down. No, it's worse than that. It's barely moving out there.

You check your watch to make sure and notice that over the past two hours and twenty minutes you've writtenwhat?six and a half words.

Remember to get milk, coffee and biscu-




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